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Week 23 - 2023

ChatGPT identification, private GenerativeAI, convert audio in the same voice, anime QR code, GPT tokenizer, Bard update and more …
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Week 21 - 2023

AI-generated image spoof stock market, AI from Intel, Nvidia boost from AI boom, AgentGPT, GirlfriendGPT, most popular AI websites by traffic and more …
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Week 20 - 2023

Sam Altman goes to congress, ChatGPT for iOS, AI detector, text-to-audio model, dreamGPT, resume prompt injection, AI home automation and more …
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Week 19 - 2023

Google launch PaLM2 with bard beta release, open source ChatGPT UI, 100K token context from Anthropic, prompt injection and leak and more …
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Week 18 - 2023

AI risks and taking jobs from different industries, AI JSON generation and OSS image background remover, GPT-powered learning makes learning fun again and more …
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Week 17 - 2023

Billions more invested in AI, accounting disruption, summarizer tools, AI in healthcare, and more …
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